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  1. Like the Miliwalkie Road? I was on the Panhanlde Line and when Conrail ran straight thru Canton OH to Chicago. I was asleep on a late night intermodal so I dont remember much
  2. Catholic Worker comes to mind and so do those Outward Bound programs....Any ideas for riding the rails and doing community service work were they would put you up as well.
  3. Re: Perryville MD alterntive to Baltimore Bayview for N Bound riders http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=Perryville+MD&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Perryville,+Cecil,+Maryland&gl=us&ll=39.55892,-76.074207&spn=0.011646,0.01929&z=16 Perryville MD is Served by MARC Commuter trains during rush hour. The WYE north EAST of the Station has NS south trains slow down (Before the engine makes the curve) to go to Enola in Harrisburg. Trains heading north to Newark DE(SEPTA TO PHILLY) and Wilmington DE(ALSO SEPTA)(Grain Trains to Delmarva,Coal Trains to seaside power plant. Cross in front of Police station on Otsego Street. Further up the tracks there are Block Signals. If this fails you can use CT transit to Elkton DE which in turn goes to Newark DE which is were the SEPTA Station is. SEPTA of course goes to Philly and New York City via Trenton. Perryville also has a huge Veterans Hospital with a decent chapel and cafeteria. Bus info--- http://www.ccgov.org/uploads/Aging/WEBSITE__PERRYVILLE_NEW_9-22-101.pdf
  4. Re: "New Chicago Railroad Map with yard locations" http://transportation.northwestern.edu/images/ChiRlCorridors.jpg was created by CREATE a plan to consolidate Chicagos railroad yards and routes by the city and the railroads.
  5. Anyone else notice the cost of beer is going up.....My Steel Reserve has gone up to 2.50 from 1.25...other stuff too.
  6. North Via CN (IC) From Mobile to Memphis To Homewood Yard in Chicago...Metra to Riverdale CSX Yard--- Evening Stack Train though Willard to Buffalo Change at Buffalo for 15.00 Amtrak Train out of Depew Station to Rochester NY.
  7. Great Song though...and what Railroad was that anyway? They got some short line to help them out...thats where the next hobo meet should be.
  8. Hobo (me) shakes hands with US Department of Transportation Secratary Lahood Yesterday!!! Yesterday I was at the Annual Convention of League of American Wheelmen who is the National Bike Advocacy Group in the US..(Mostly Road Bikers and Commuters).. He gave the opening speech at the Grand Hyatt. He was still pushing high speed rail although at a much lower level then before. He supports the Rock Island Trail in Peoria were he is from and a former Congressman. He says that his family rides regulary on the rail trails around his home and in DC....Aside from this though I keep getting the word that "Real Bikers: dont use rail trails" from serious cyclists. I like the rail trails because of the low pressure and when they actually go somewhere like the C&O canal train to Cumberland MD or The KATY Trail across the State of Missouri. Granted there are peak times like weekends and rush hour...But taking my time and the low grades are very helpful for conserving my energy. I got to ask him after the meeting about Bikes on Amtrak and City Buses. As it stands now there are few trains left with baggage cars and when you do have one you have to field strip the bike down to it parts to get into a box. (Which strips parts as well). I would like too see what CalTrain and Europe have is bikes on a all the trains including the Acela trains. He said he would look into it and to follow up with a letter. But in the end I got to shake hands with the man who shakes hands with the President.
  9. Today US Department of Transportation Lahood is addressgthe leage of American Bicylists.....Now if Amtrak woudl make it easer to move bikes on there trains that would be a big help here...The way it stands now they want it in a box and taked apart...
  10. I have see his marker in Pigs Eye in St Paul....what was his route that he used the most?
  11. Americans are getting older. I am a little nervouse that the Baby Boomers are still smoking dope(Medical Marijuawanna) while driving there cars. When there eyesight and memory starts to go I would rather have them on some sort of public transportation then on the roads.
  12. The railroads sales staff are not as quick to respond to economic conditions as the trucking companies are. It costs up to 100,000.00 to install a new RR siding. Some state railroad divions of the the DOT are helping fund them as part of the stimulase package. We still have hundreds of locomotives and boxcars in storage. I did see that FED EX is finnaly starting to move stuff by rail in there own trailers.
  13. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks Old Rusted out Oldsmobiles from the 1920s...found in feild alongside tracks in Rochester
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