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  1. Ya'll got some dope ass shit doe, Might as well share at least one of mine, i like feedback c;
  2. ive been doin this for a couple years now, got DECENT letters. just have a problem with colors. always have.
  3. HAHAHA. yeah i remember when i was a monir and got caught up. haha, i thought i was the shit too, haha, oh and you put in work, but i dont see you up? xDD GOOD LUCK BRO <3
  4. hahaha, NAHH, i agree. you have NO CLUE about graffiti xDD
  5. yee! bump oddone and rebuker tfl!
  6. xD didnt really expect that from clems tho
  7. i love how you just see a little rwp in the corner! haha derts dope tho
  8. dam i havent been on here in hella dayz brehh! still nothin change in modesto? FUCK!
  9. well what kinda usb you need?
  10. michawaii i could give you a usb lol if i knew you anyways :// imma go ride my bike to the trains later and bench but i need a memory card adapter to post the biks ://
  11. these are words that most of modesto need to learn
  12. nah.. your older style was alot better. on the last pics you posted the top one was really good
  13. i dont like dope. that foo crossed lno. haha. and puts himself on blast too much ://
  14. kres is one of my favorite writers from my hometown!
  15. DAYNR


    fuckin love kres' fills. id love to shake his hand at least once in my life
  16. nice post. i found maybe 3 that were from modesto
  17. next page. we NEED pics. ill try to gather some ://
  18. hahaha it needs a miracle!
  19. i think modesto needs more inspiration
  20. lol might haha. no hatin on your shit breh. there was some dope styles in that post
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