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  1. mothraSUCKS

    Character Post

    one day alts we should have a friendly character battle :)
  2. this thread sorta sucks, the last stuff i posted is still visible lol
  3. this is tight and all but whats something recent you've done?
  4. mothraSUCKS

    Character Post

    its been a while yall im glad to see you're still killing shit Alts.
  5. holy shit bro, nice as always :)
  6. mothraSUCKS

    Character Post

    it's been a while, you guys miss me any eh? ;)
  7. These got stolen with my car :/ oh and whats up motherfuckers?! its been a while.
  8. mothraSUCKS

    Character Post

    Twins Your All Going To Die Brain Surgery Every Rose Has A Thorn Alts Ate My Dog Kill Note just a little update from me :)
  9. mothraSUCKS

    Character Post

    Your characters are very solid, the life of peanut butter is so sick. That character was the first one I did of him, I wasnt sure if I was going to do more of him or not but I was having dinner with Satire and some friends and started on another one so, I think its going to stay. Thanks none the less :)
  10. mothraSUCKS

    Character Post

    start of stuff for Alts :)
  11. mothraSUCKS

    Character Post

    sounds excellent, ill be hanging out with Satire tomorrow, ill let him know so we can get our stuff together :)
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