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  1. bump unik niggggaaaaaa and elk and sigh
  2. i dont come on here often anymore. i dont know you either blood fart. but i love you. i love you and i appreciate everything youre doing for yourself. you're a babe and if you ever doubt yourself, always remember that you've come this far.
  3. mainly the dude on the left. edit: i am pretty sure the big woman in the mirror is their mom. or something.
  4. wow very nice, 10/10. would watch again.
  5. HELLO EVERYNYAN! I am here to not post any photos.
  6. youre a fucking retard. nowhere in my statement did i say it was okay to beat a gay person for being gay, nor did i say it wasn't (obviously it's not). we're talking about CHILDREN here. i agree with nightmare, if my kid is out of line yeah i'll smack the little nigga upside the head but breaking his wrist? nah. that's some extremist/child abuser type shit. if i ever see anyone abusing their kid, i'll beat the fuck out of them. don't care if it's a woman or man, i'll beat that ass. either way, there will always be those extremists who will want to cause physical harm to someone for their race/gender/whatever. those people are bitches who are afraid of anything different than them and have a mind smaller than a newborns nutsack with no common sense. and before you say "oh, well isn't beating someone up for hitting their kid the same idea as someone beating them up for being gay/black/jew/whatever. wouldnt you be classified as someone who is 'afraid of anything different'." no it's not.
  7. that's totally different from a grown ass man/woman beating the fuck out of you for liking dudes/women. parents aren't supposed to beat their child in order to mold them into THEIR view of what's "perfect." they're supposed to love their children unconditionally. your children are your flesh and blood, so treat them with dignified respect in order to earn it back in the future. not everything is learned by having an iron fist, especially with children who don't even know who/what they are yet.
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