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  1. first rule of the louisville graffiti scene dont talk about the louisville graffiti scene second rule of the louisville graffiti scene dont talk about the louisville graffiti scene... Atleast not stupid drama that has no business on the internet, Im just as guilty in getting sucked into this stupid website and talking shit but thats changing... talk to you all in the real world
  2. ^^i can give u an extensive list of spots to flick but I don't really want them online.
  3. I am no body just like you. finding a spot to bomb transit takes a shit load of researching that spot before you enter, plus you usually have only a small window before security makes its rounds. In a sense painting transit would be like painting a freight daytime in a active yard where all the workers absolutely hate graffiti. I could suit here and waste energy talking about transit all day but this is the indy thread not the transit thread.
  4. I'm not putting anyone down for painting trains many friends of mine do that. I just don't appreciate people (mainly freight writters) who down the people that are willing to risk there freedom bombing more than just a freight yard, all because police install cameras and other things that make it slightly harder for you to catch tags... You do realize that those cameras affect the street bomber a lot more than a freight witter s.o why do you care? Look at LA they buff way harder than indy ever could, they still smash the city. also there is a big difference between bombing freights an
  5. Stop talking and go put the work in then.
  6. I'm flattered you took the time out of your day to attempt to talk shit towards me but seeing as I don't know who you are and don't really care either imma let the haters hate.. Its apparent that your not too up to date on the state of affairs in louisville but good spots don't ride here most off the time most spots ride a month tops, only way to ensure something will ride is to make sure its an expensive buff, go bigger, climb higher, do more ridiculous locations. To discredit a serious bomber like choke its pretty weak since he was the one out taking all the risks, risking (doing) jail t
  7. Wether its a diss or not its hilarious.. I give props to the culprits. If it is a diss... Its the best diss since esay used to drop fly swatters n comic book style kadicks on people
  8. Hippster a's I bet those glasses are just frames
  9. ^ and? Dosn't mean you can't fill it in
  10. Nice spot, saw that the other day, didn't get a good look at it. Could of filled it in atleast... No offense
  11. Post more kavis, last time I was up there he had some sick spots. Youall need someone to pick up where choke left off
  12. As much as I see that his actions are counterproductive and not needed, that BJAE roller piece still burns everything on this page
  13. No need to put people on blast
  14. True statement was up in ny in the summer dude had alot of them
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