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Everything posted by brothhalynch

  1. just seen -200 so post deleted
  2. being a alcoholic i only change wen i have to i live this way cuz its best for me ,but only i decide wats best for me , i will always figure out wat i need and wat i want
  3. my dads legg, beer,chicken cooking, way to many thoughts to list......
  4. if u know me drinking those 211s always
  5. surfing the ounce bout to slam this beer youtube
  6. i love this shit live by it, man they need to sponsor me
  7. chile was hot going in and hot coming out damn......
  8. still cant believe 12ounce put my name on the t shirt
  9. i drank like a mo fucka ,brought drugs across state for free,fixed my ingrown toenail emptied the pool jerked off all night then missed work .damn thats a weekend
  10. cant believe 12oz.com put me on there t shirt thanks 12oz, loyal fan since 2011
  11. like always smash those last 6 chicks
  12. thats whats up bump skoe ramr
  13. and it a clap on clap off like the lamps ; that would be to sic, right kults one man??
  14. eight dirty uno 831 always my home
  15. dayymmn thats crazt good idea if there was a camera like that
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