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  1. 2ndRodeo


    No one needed to "do it better". They're two different things and i am thoroughly impressed by both. Question: is there a saster.net (Streets Are Saying Things) that focuses on the mid-west?
  2. wow. i just realized that i'm not even in the right place. I'll be back when the next word is picked.
  3. uh 0:41? lol moving on Def a fan of your blackbook and i always look forward to your posts on the canvas thread. Always pert&pristine. i just don't see why you're giving yourself a blowjob on youtube. Never take urself too seriously as a writer. It's trashy and can be fatal to your budding reputation. I mean, we're on the toy forum for pete's sake lol smthng errone should know I like the song you picked btw.
  4. meh, since this is taking forevs, i liked it better w/o color
  5. Aw the penguin is super cute! Penmanship will come w/ time... i hope. I'm not to sharp either. Vote: Neon Bon35 or w/e
  6. you never know till you try, correct? i don't recall seeing any signs saying i had to be this tall to ride the official online thread. i guess i'm a dreamer...
  7. My submission: couldn't decide btwn the one with the construction lines and the clean one. Feel free to constructively crit.
  8. Lol oh this is just the toy thread! I like what you have here it's classically simple and well-balanced. I would love to see it outlined! You know, cleaned and dappered up :]
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