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  1. Dearest Faceless Usernames, One door closes & another opens... Took me way too fuckin long to slam the 1st door shut. Didn't let it hit me on the way out either!!! Sincerely, Soul.x.Survivor
  3. SMASH RACIST AMERIKKKA...13th St & 3rd Ave, Brooklyn HOPE 1987..Can't believe they buffed right under it too!!!
  4. ESPO's still doin mad shit. Totally takin' over whole buildings! Respect that kinda dedication. But he was always a dick to me. Fuck you ESPO.
  5. - you get DANGEROUS. MISSING FOUNDATION . By: RJ Smith - Village Voice - Dec 13, 1988 PETER MISSING - OCCUPY WALL ST
  7. Cover of Puccini's aria "Nessun Dorma" from "Turandot" by the Butthole Surfers.
  8. Cool...please don't call this SASSYGRRRL "br0", OK?
  9. NO. N-O, NO. ADER DID NOT... SNITCH/SET UP/RAT on REVS. ADER & I spoke, years back & I offered my apology for following the crowd when I had opposing information. I participated in the years of disrespect this man has endured & I regret not standing up for him back in 2000. It still bothers the hell outta me that ADER'S been/still being: trashed, labeled the lowest of the low - a RAT by the "graffiti community" (if such a thing exists...). All you motherfuckers owe this man an apology. Why? Because you ALL believed the bullshit gossip, the misinformation, the lies - readily & without question. Not even REVS blames him!!! BEFORE ANYONE WANTS TO SAY SHIT, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. SHUT THE FUCK UP, OK? YOU WEREN'T THERE...I WAS. It's not even that complex of an explanation as to how REVS got caught by VS. For Chrissakes, Lt Mona's screen saver was REVS' driver's license photo! The only address they had on him was his parent's house & they paid perfunctory visits, hell, his folks didn't even know where he lived! Earlier that year, on the way to a mission, REVS got hit by a drunk driver on the BQE by Atlantic Ave. The Pathfinder flipped over several times. He was ejected from the vehicle & it is a MIRACLE he survived. The roof was flat to the top of the doors. He got hit by a lil Nissan probably goin like 80 mph - those bastards all survived too. When I went to the tow yard after the hospital, the guys came over to me & said they were sorry for my loss. No one could believe anyone didn't die. I went over to the car that hit REVS...find 2 6 packs of long neck buds & an oz of weed, plus the driver's wallet. I have 5-0 take the stuff in as evidence & contact the lawyer. Lo & behold, the contraband never got documented! Fuckin po-po...Yeah, the thin blue line runs wide...the drunk driver's father was the head of the Latino Police Benevolent Association. VS happened to do some computer searching & found REVS' real name related to this accident with our address listed. They staked out the warehouse for 3 days & were very happy to tell me what time I went to work, came home, thankfully didn't bust my connect...but they waited for a REVS mission in progress before pouncing. They got what they were waiting for too. A MAJOR mission/motion picture venture. To be continued...same RAT time. Same RAT channel.
  10. Dearest grd, Thanks. For calling me "petal"... HOPE life is treating you well. All the best to you, T.
  11. Check out http://www.annieappleseeds.org/ for alternative treatment, diet, health etc. Also,http://www.wisewoman.com...herbal remedies: green tea, tumeric, curry, fish, soy depending on if estrogen pos/post menopausal. What symbols mentioned about using one's own tissue only works if the person's not a smoker etc., so not an option for me...but it's worked really well for women I know & they seem to get back on their feet quicker. Many of the prescribing physicians wouldn't even go thru the medical treatment they advise YOU to undergo. Cancer is a billion dollar business...
  12. Oops...fucked up so...no HOPE.
  13. My heart is breaking for you...this disease changes how you see the world & you begin to evaluate your life. Suddenly. At 50. Life. Dammit. I am so deeply sorry for you & especially for your Mom. Let me first say, my son was THE best, most helpful, wonderful, amazing person during my surgeries & dreadful chemotherapy & all the other shit the health care system puts you thru. He lived with me, took care of me & got me thru the worst of it. He cooked for me, cheered me up, walked the dog, did the laundry, damn...I would've been lost without HIM. I HOPE you can be that person for your Mom too. Trust me, she needs you. A lot. Please pm me if you'd like me to relay the research I've done. Or if I can do anything. Even just listen. For the past 4 years, people have said to me "Oh, you're so strong, tough, & keeping it together." Are you fuckin kidding me? I've never been so scared or so scarred. But I don't want to freak them out so I try to keep smiling. Don't bother reading the horrible shit people on 12oz wrote/posted to me in 'Breast Cancer Graffiti'. Sick photos which were removed, cruel comments.Yeah, some usernames were awesome, most were really insensitive heartless bastards with no souls. I wish you & your family the best. Love is what's important, not sickness.
  14. My FAVE so far...Just dig the whole image, fuckin weird~love it! Painted the tea cup from direct observation, used surgical pics for the collage.
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