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  1. misleading cripples cant be nurses both get anal
  2. you guys think he took too much off of the top?
  3. no seriously guys his dong is a masterpiece of evolution...niggers
  4. youth of today is pretty ok BUT JUDGE WOULD FUCKING RULE also hannibal burres and david cross
  5. i havent seen any newer stuff from show 2
  6. that hert atak read more shit is too much also anybody could post up some osnap shit
  7. bump much, avol, gasp and all of the pigs reup sane and tarski n hutch lol @ paul stanley dickridingnowover
  8. conflict bss madball from ashes rise wolfbrigade age of quarrel is my bible
  9. keep dat ass grease, kfc swagged out, white bitches look at me why is he rich?
  10. hard like arny, terminator one told yuh bitch relax, brickin on the tongue
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