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  1. Tootsie roll the fuck back to your seat cause I don't like you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSvV5omRYJA
  2. Ain't what i write. I've never even posted the real word i write, and i never will.
  3. It certainly is not a tarp. I meant for him to pm me, but i figured out it was a different radar. Paranoid ass punks. Nice shit cruise, come to the bus again soon. Sonic didn't you used to get down with my dudes ryu and gato? We should paint sometime if your still where your at.
  4. Misery and hedake stk. Ender & druid pbj.
  5. SIRISfour


    ok, I thought... nevermind...
  6. SIRISfour

    Character Post

    what comic is that? I used to have one back in the days.
  7. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1191111/ really trippy movie I watched last night. I wished I was high on something, but it was good.
  8. his recent albums have been pretty lazy. Here's something from his newest mixtape though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-Y7zsMwRvo&feature=related I like it. seems like he went back to the when rappers attack days.
  9. I ain't going back to start. Like is said nothing special.
  10. word up on RAPES. go reds. If these ain't worthy than feel free to delete them, theres a lot of better stuff in this thread. stolen from various places.
  11. Yeah guafenesin in robo tends to do that. Do gels, just dxm. I guess for me: graffiti, racking, and doing DXM and PCP on regular basis. Don't really have many specifics. I guess I go out and do them all together sometimes.
  12. it's a start, but go simpler, there's a lot of stuff thats just off about it. Keyboard letters, evenly spaced, same length and width.
  13. I was mainly saying that because I've been seeing SIFER pieces since I was less than 8 years old and some toy comes on here with that name. Like I said no point in instigating arguments, which I wasn't trying to do. Here's that piece I promised, nothing special, but at least I'm better than the other picture. fucked op on the e, sharpie is a bitch. I'm low on supplies btw, so don't hate I'm using sharpies, crayola, lined paper, and dixon pencils that I have to sharpen with a knife. too busy to rack. this was just fuckin around, posted it for the fuck of it.
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