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Everything posted by porra

  1. Been awhile...Gonna be kind of a big photo dump.
  2. Been awhile y'all. Here are some from the past several months.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the compliments. Also big thanks to everyone posting photos...helps push me. I feel like I am running out of things to shoot here in my city.
  4. Wow...great landscapes and photos. I need to travel more.
  5. Hey y'all...love dropping in to see all the new photos on this thread. Here are a few of mine.
  6. Hey guys...got some new stuff. I will try not to put up too many and make the page slow as hell to load.
  7. Great shots waffle. Love the portrait. I don't play golf, but I got roped into going to TopGolf. Wish I would have pushed the focal point towards the middle...
  8. Thanks y'all, I really do appreciate it. A lot of y'all have inspired me.
  9. Holy shit man...SMdoubleXL, those are some great shots! Good work. I have been dying to get to photograph an owl. great shots from everyone else too, as always. Here are some recent ones...
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