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  1. I dig the simple more than the others put that on a wall
  2. ^^ your right man we all need to get together and agree on some rules to make these battles move along quicker like 1-2 day entry deadline and first person with 3-5 votes gets the w and picks the next word. Anyone got some good ideas to make this happen quicker ?
  3. word, these battles seem to drag on for a while..... fuck it pick a word someone im in.
  4. nice entries one one your hands are amazing!!
  5. heyzues


    if you dont know maybe it's not meant for you to know ...not hatin just sayin
  6. heyzues


    I hear that I'm just a paper whore right now but if I do get out in the streets would be a different unknown name too
  7. true how bout new word : alien
  8. dead thread new word: english ...
  9. heyzues


    evil-i like your style man looks good what you write? mass- diggin that n doodle - got an idea for your e's , you make the bottom of them like a small circle try a u shape rather than a circle I think it would look good ... my 2 cents
  10. nice alphabet that g is on fire
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