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  1. been awhile since I've been on here. The art class i'm taking has a graffiti segment i guess. and we had to do some alphabets, here's two of them i was okay with
  2. how do people that only have 1 post already have a bunch of prop bars?
  3. SheenOne


    these are fucking dope. probably marshmallows on your feet too
  4. idealy i would be wearing some slick gortex jackets... it is cali though khakis button up polo ralph
  5. my man used to photoshop cope2 painting throwups over peoples pieces back on puregraffti forums.... shit had us mad rolling.. good times
  6. There used to be a thread about this on puregraffiti.... I have yet to even run into another writer while out painting... Small town problems i guess... Robbing toys for paint sounds cool tho... My area has alot of fags writing... Id do it
  7. SheenOne

    Spray Paint

  8. SheenOne

    Spray Paint

    haven't heard much about it? anyone know what its like?
  9. right now would be perfect to post an ad of a new cope2 product that gives you better can control ^^^^^
  10. i haven't been out in here in a fat minute.... :( ..........it seems hella slow in here... all the posts are like days apart
  11. i would try and make the other letters smaller in proportion to that k... that K is kicken but the other letters are too fat/big id say... i also think those fat arrows should be thinned out a bit like the other ones.. cool extensions though.... i need to work on mine......
  12. SheenOne

    Spray Paint

    i miss this thread so much... it used to be awsome
  13. kills me to see this happen... defiantly one of my most admired writers.. always loved seeing flicks of his work.... sad day for the graffiti world.. RIP.. respect to him and his crew always
  14. if you haven't check this guy out you should... Reefer Sutherland on flickr... takes alot of dope shots of nighttime fun and other great stuff......
  15. Its because 12 oz sucks now.... for some reason i cant make posts from my computer only from mobile...
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