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  1. :) That's right. MC Anzak with them HARDCORE dudes. Reminds me of a Merrick n Rosso piss take. Keep expecting em to break out pissing themselves laughing
  2. All that is wrong with Sydney today - summed up in this wak panel
  3. Days.. never really has got out of 2nd gear with his style. Loosen it up bru!
  4. annandale canal hasnt seen a decent piece - ever mad toy hangout
  5. Brickos must be slightly pissed off because his daily drip of a pic a day from Flickr has just been used up by internet toy P500.
  6. Fuck you're a wack cunt. What the fuck is this shit??? You really think this belongs on a Sydney graff forum. Fuck off.
  7. hahaha man, what a joke those names are. that's exactly what I was commenting on. many more toys to add to that list. des n sayno...fuckme, eurostylin mrs toys.
  8. all areas have their toys, I don't deny that. some are just more toyer than others. my point being, there's never been any good writers come out of the southern areas. it's just a total shitsville in relation to graff. bit like your posts. all sht talk n no flicks :D
  9. corridor of wackness that is the southern part of sydney has there ever been a half decent writer in the history of syd graff from the southern sydney area? The corridor of wackiness starts at about tempe extending to the east, encompassing randwick, to the west to about punchbowl, then extends south down the coast until it hits wollongong where it gets beyond wack.
  10. posting shit large so you fuckers can see what real graff is
  11. Fuck posting retarded links to clothes sites that don't even exist. Get back to searching flickr or whateverthefucksyourimagehostingsiteofpreference. Google>flickr>sydneygraffiti>download>bite>bitesomemore>reproduce>wackness>repeat cycle
  12. Post flicks or comments related to Sydney you troll. Not some shitful link to "Mook Life" whateverthefuckthat is.
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