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  1. Wanna read my comic books together? We can hold hands
  2. yo anybody down for sum exchanging?


    Look "p" u a Internet "g" ur nothing but a groupie on this lords thread playn a bitch roll ur all talk no action u yell out "mq" like he's ur boi and when the Boyz got @ "mq" bout ur comments he was like man fuck that fool dnt kno who that suka is and dnt have shit wit lords!!!...see what ur punk ass dnt kno is we talk to ftl therse lords I'n ftl so ur bitch games won't work!!!!and as far as stdr goes lords and alb and stdr were I'n the same spot last week and it was all smooth the way us riders should b...so go ahead and come back wit some smart ass bitch that u are comment!!!....best watch ur self "p" cuz ur gonna slip rite in to what the homie have for u.....
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