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  1. TUPAC RIP "Okay I will!"
  2. If you go to most department stores they have this automotive hand cleaner that smells like orange and comes with ground pumice in it. It's super thick shit, and some of it you can use without needing water as long as you can wipe it off. Works on just about everything and most of the kinds made also moisturize your skin at the same time. I haven't had any for a while now but I used to use it when I was working on a car or painting for work and it always took everything off easily as fuck.
  3. I'm done with this forum. I thought it would a bunch of cool people but it's just a bunch of dicks who think they're the graffiti masters and like to call everyone else toys and act like everyone else is stupid and they know everything. Well, I'm not putting up with your bullshit any longer. Peace. To Runine and Deen, fuck you. To everyone else, thanks for helping me and thanks for listening to me. Hope you get treated better than me.
  4. LOL 1. I don't go to T.O so obviously I'm not up there. My location says WITHIN 100KM OF TORONTO. 2. For someone whose calling other people illiterate, you made a shitload of errors in that post. 3. Caps lock doesn't scare me. 4. I wasn't doing exact math when I said 3 years. Don't try to play word games, you little baby. 5. Once again, you're playing word games. It wasn't a "joke". It was an over-exaggeration of "I don't like trout art" 6. Who's looking for fame when you're the one who acts like a total dick when someone says the smallest thing about something that's completely unrelated to you? Then you go off on me with caps lock on full blast? Gimme a break.
  5. LOL imagine opening the car door and bumping the car next to you and coming back and "THANKS ASSHOLE" is etched into your windshield... Well, you'd probably be pretty pissed if it happened to you but if you were with who it happened to you'd laugh your fucking ass off. hahaha gotta remember that one for next time it happens to me :P
  6. Sorry about reviving this thread but I'd rather revive an old one than make a whole new one for the same thing. But anyways... ------------------------ My rents found out yesterday because I used to tag with a name that everyone knows me as (been my nickname for years) and my mom saw it on the side of this spa she decided to go to. They've been yelling at me all day and night and even all day today too. They're threatening to kick me out of the house and calling me stupid, worthless, piece of shit, good-for-nothing, retard, child, etc. According to them, graffiti is not art and is nothing LIKE art. It's just pure pointless vandalism. I tried to explain to them that it's something I enjoy doing and I find that it calms me down and lets me think, but they don't really care at all. Everything I do for fun they shit on whether it's illegal or not. I told them a few months ago that I wanted to try making a business for customizing computer cases and video game consoles but they told me it's stupid and I shouldn't even bother because I'll end up screwing it up or wasting my money. I told them about 5 weeks ago that I was looking into buying a motorcycle to go on a road trip and they shut me down on that too saying I can't be trusted on a motorcycle and that I'm too stupid to fix one and blah blah blah... I really don't care anymore though. I'm going to paint whether they like it or not. They always find something that they can use to put me down but I'm not going to stop painting. If they take my paint, I'll buy more. If they kick me out, I'll go to a friends until I find my own place. I'm tired of their bullshit. I'm 22 and I'm still not aloud to make my own decisions without them putting me down and kicking me out. My brother drinks and drives almost every night (not just buzzed driving, like BLACK OUT DRUNK driving) and they never say anything except "Okay, just make sure you don't do it again!" and then give him money to go buy more booze. No longer will I accept the shit they do to me or say to me. I'm going to do what I want. I respect them FULLY and don't paint around the house, I don't make a mess of my bedroom, I don't drink alcohol, I don't borrow money off them, and I do all the work around here that there is to do (dishes, laundry, painting the house, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning the car, roofing, and I fix everyones computers) but they won't respect me, or even listen to what I have on my mind. At least when I'm painting, I can be happy. I'm not going to give up doing something that I love and that makes me happy just because my parents don't like it. If everyone did that, there would be no rock and roll, no rap, no NOTHING. And I'm not looking for pity or hand-outs or anything, I'm just ranting since I don't have anyone else to talk to about this shit. Thanks for giving me a place that I can go and talk to people like me about the shit that we all go through. I need you more than you need me, that's for SURE.
  7. Umm January 2011 is 2 days away. Obviously you don't know how to read a calendar. And you also wasted 3 posts to say the same thing over again with some words switched around. And also, "SIMPLE math". Not "simply math". And why the fuck do you think posting pictures of used cans and caps proves that people are going out and actually putting in work? I can sit on my porch and empty out 200 cans into the air and take a pic of them all. Doesn't mean I did any work to empty them. And I don't NEED to prove to you that I do any work. You're not the king of graffiti and I'm not your slave. Calm down. All this because I made a JOKE and you couldn't take 2 seconds to think about what I said. That's disappointing.
  8. wow you're a fucking idiot for reviving a dead thread to say "this thread is retarded" IF ITS RETARDED THEN DONT POST IN IT YOU DUMB FUCK
  9. Well it's fucking retarded to not want people to know what kind of paint you use. It doesn't matter if the cops find my tag on my cans because the same tag is all over walls and trains everywhere. They're not gonna pick up a can and be like "OH ITS GOT RIZE ON IT WE KNOW WHO THAT IS NOW THAT ITS WRITTEN ON THIS CAN!" Seriously. I asked you one fucking question and all I get is bullshit like "OMFGAWD YOURE SO STOOPID, TOY!" Get a fucking life and worry about your own shit for once.
  10. HA wow I e-mailed the company yesterday and just got a reply that they're sending me a few Dalo's to try out! Thanks for letting me know about this gramps, now I'm gonna search around and try to get free samples from everyone! :)
  11. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks a case full of unopened water bottles - while we were on our way to the store to get drinks... and I saw a deer that had got hit in the head by a GO train and knocked its head clean off the body... And a pile of scrap wood and metal that appears to have been a house at one point. The pile is about 50 feet around and 15 feet high and looks like it's been there a while.
  12. Kind of tells me that a lot of people are smart and don't brag about the crimes they commit on the internet with a bunch of people that it shouldn't matter to... Especially when the person asking hasn't gotten 600 posts in 3 years on the site :o
  13. RiSE-DvS


    DVS Munition CT... DVS is the ONLY way to go, imo. I've never had a shoe that was so comfortable and durable until I discovered DVS, and I've worn every skate shoe brand and lots of other brands that make skate shoes but these are the best. I'll never wear anything other than DVS until they stop making em.
  14. RiSE-DvS

    Spray Paint

    And what is your reasoning behind that opinion? Or is it just gay because you can't afford it?
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