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  1. That melt E creepin the jigsaw puppet
  2. un-zooma zoom zoom in the boomboom. any straight ons, alleys not that narrow. dig that jerx fill
  3. roda with that finger banger
  4. That entire Easter wall and not a fucking piece of candy, trash. TR fill on that tride, mailbox with the spot bust, ruiner simple but effective background, Wins taking it home, fowl clean as alsways, tumes x'd out squeezebox shooter, sicr sharp ass shell , armors juicy squarts. Keep it flowin ready for the reup on the 4th
  5. Sites full of fire http://triadmomsonmain.com/
  6. This killed it. And to clean ass simple characters
  7. All them FLS Boxes, keepm coming
  8. Stench Trench

    KONY 2012

    A must watch FF 24:59
  9. Crossover shading on that first backsplash EXUP
  10. That obso outline and flick timage on dub stack zorb intermodals
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