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  1. lololol i wonder if he will get a ribbon or something?
  2. ropeoner kid check your pm........ bump all these pics, nice to see something besides shit talking
  3. i havent been on here in a while but all this bullshit isnt what i wanted to see :/ ... there are tons of dope writers in louisville, there should be way more flicks up on here. but instead people would rather sit infront of a computer and talk shit about somebodys style? fucking jews......
  4. that kamel on that huge ass billboard i seen earlier also makes everybody else look like bitches ...... bump kamel
  5. bump "happybirthday" for posting something completely Irrelevant.......... where are the pics at people?????
  6. where are the pics at ?
  7. You spelled "hiena" wrong 0.0 ......
  8. YEA! "98" MUH PHUCKA!!!!
  9. i never post any of my pics on here for that exact reason ....you tell people to quit talkin shit but then you turn around and talk shit.... it doesnt make any sense
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