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  1. bump jigl! cat goes big and steezy!
  2. bump Sur5l, seen tht shit in st chuck off mainstreet and the katy trail
  3. sure dude where u wanna arrest...i mean meet me at
  4. haha lol whos this pig kiddin?
  5. some simple math for since uou sound like a retard bear. 1 night mulitiplied by every night in a year= 365 nights of us throwin down so give it some time smartass.
  6. i told ya we're comin......
  7. never said i was a toy but that dont matter youll see my work eventually and when u do go ahead and pm me ur opinion ill read it take it into consideration and then do the exact fucking opposite. because ur the one readin my shit not the other way around.
  8. u obviously dont know your shit. you see those KYT pieces up there?? since when is that toy garbage? and id like to see you paint something worth while too, doubtful isnt it?
  9. fuck relo hes got shit style
  10. ima do my best wish ud pm me back though
  11. o yeah and compared to a majority of the pics on this forum ill post whatever fuckin pictures i want cuz anybody that could do better already did their shit and hung it up thats why nobodies killin it, quit waiting on the same guys to come back and make your name in this place bitches! plus i just found that wall yesterday cuz im actually outside(crazy idea there huh) looking for spots and getting inspired!
  12. nobody else is postin shit so stop shit talkin u poser-ass bitches. just wait till u see what im gonna do to this city thats fallin to shit then u can continue sitting in you rolling chair behind the computer looking at pics of me killin all the spots in stl and ull still be just a e-thug shit talker. fuck off
  13. the missouri thread is full of shit talkers and i dont give a damn about talk im tryin to live this shit getting back into paintin and all i see on the fucking forums is a bunch of grown ass men starting internet beef over NOT A DAMN THING. just pics and spots is all i wanted if you dont have then dont post its fucking pointless nobody ever backs their shit up anyhow!!!! FUCK
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