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  1. not a bad start. Your K is tiny tho, make all your letters the same size to keep things consistent. also the hole in your R should line up with the back leg which leads me to believe youre not constructing your letters out of bars. That is step one in simple letters mastery.
  2. Workin on somethin. plus i bought a graphics tablet.
  3. i am always happy to see people draw the letter Y...
  4. nice one bro, how did you know i look like that!? no joke XD. NOVE thats beast.
  5. Wow, i just realised this was aimed at me lol. Im fully aware of my level bro and i work at it everyday so i dont particularly care for your opinion. besides, i dunno where your attitude is coming from, you obviously cant take criticism when everywhere you have posted that throw people have said to "work on it" to say the least. Try to chill out and draw something better if you wanna keep the critics quiet. I dunno what the fuck is wrong with people in this thread... If you get some criticism you dont like get to fuckin work and prove the bastards wrong, simple as that. Plus a flick
  6. Im getting involved, my throws need practice.
  7. I dunno weather i should continue down this simple route or not. Opinions?
  8. Stuff for KASP. Wasnt really happy with anything but the simples for this one. Will maybe come back later.
  9. n30n b0n35


    There is something nice about that ADYOR stuff, dont like the pc piece tho.
  10. eski, is that a throw? Its way over the top. Lose all the confusing shit and show me some pretty letters. Throws are meant to be simple.
  11. mone. honourable mention to veritably clean.
  12. For IOKA... Not happy but its stressing me out so im going with this. Plus a little straight for laughs. I need to do other letters more...
  13. Crackin idea MONE, i need some character practice. I did do an M but it was pretty subpar so i didnt post, fyi lol.
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