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  1. http://fremont.komonews.com/news/911/748161-fire-man-rescued-gas-works-after-falling-10-feet-fuel-tank
  2. ^truth. burners all up and down the coast
  3. word^ ive seen him do that big hollow across grilled spots. basically one line crossing everything out. and then he writes some gay poem after it
  4. doing legal pieces in another country doesn't mean you're sick, it means you went on vacation. some people act like graffiti is a self help program geared towards artistic growth and building creative relationships with other people, if that's what it is to you, awesome, your work will reflect that...but that doesn't make your paint any sicker than someone who gets out to fuck with the city and ruin yuppy business owners days. graffiti is just a catch phrase now for anything from art fag murals to vandal gang tags to sticking a stupid fucking sticker. maybe everyone needs to stop forcing other
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