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  1. just like i told that dc cat,talkin bout keep friscos gin on a leash she aint wanted in dc.if you dont like them,go over them.....take it upon yourself,handle yours. -_-
  2. last time i checked he's the ONLY person in a long time to bomb every part of the bay..swerv got so much shit in the town..he killed the freeways in the Rich,vallejo.made it out to sj and everywhere in between -__-
  3. negative publicity is good publicity..waste of paint....
  4. hack more plazma yes.. bump fashodoe's last post too i dont talk shit about plasma,but i'm down with what giant said in the vid.. plasma would also not consider smackin me.:cool:
  5. ^ we already went over how plasma got his face on his own website..his identity aint a secret. bump giant's hat..dope
  6. bump crazy montenero gang ese -_-
  7. that second pic from karls last post is over mq?
  8. that horns death spot on that pillar by the 23rd exit blew my mind! real graff that guy is. grief is doin it big with wire too..
  9. anybody got that freeway rooftop of goser and optimist?
  10. in Richmond.. "keeps hood" keep is hood or keep owns this hood? i'd like to know bump keep either way.
  11. bump 1810 bump dbags..kava had to had did that billboard.but they're all active isnt that red grief and wire box beefed out? maybe a different one..
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