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  2. yoo listen here toys.... why does everybody in orlando look like KNOW 7? EVERY BODYS BITTINGH HIM. DONT LET ME GET ON fuckin inas or "NAIS" mr cool guy over there.. skinny biotchh... fuckin your graffiti looks like it came of graffiti creator fuckin tool... any whooo DRZE YOUR GAY... cool name faggg.. did you come up with that all by yoo self? oh nahh the retard did... anywhoo ummmmmmmmmmm broke your gay.. learn how to use a can. quit using montana and use some fuckin dolla paint hoe.. pussy ahh nigguh... hit a spot for once and quit abusing freights... cuase unfortunately you look gay.. OYEAHHH OYES THE FUCKIN RAT.. yo didnt but you look like a fuckin mole rat.. dude you spend like a 100 bucks a week on montana get some fuckin dentures!! instead of cans use your money on dentures and quit biting know7's fills toy... shove some pladoh up yo ass nigguh... and yoo puke or fuckin gayfer... umm your letters look like gay noodles with arrows. wtf is that?!?!? your video was really gay too.. goo get some sailor boat tats and some fuckin tighter pants queerr.. everyone knows your a hipster kool guy soo do more cool hipsternoodlegraffness.. OHYEAHH SUNEE your gay.... imma go over all your 2 tags tonight.. your style looks like ifuks gay boyfriend... HEY CHING CHONG CHING PORK FRIED RICE!! OHH I MEAN SEDO THE FAGGOT! get some new fuckin letter bitch. and grown nuts cuase your the pussy nigguh on the eastside.. imma get yser to write all over yoo shit bitch... and to the fuckn cracker GRINGO OR RINGOO cool guy over here.. gay letter and shit with all your day time chill spots fagg.. dont let me get on jesor or jesone fagg.. did you get raped in jail, cause your shits really fuckin gay.. bitch made hoe... all of orlando is a bitch made hoee.. and DINO fuckin get some real letters toy quit bitting KNOW 7 aND FH cause your shit is bitting.. dino cool guy over ther wooo woooo cool guy!! wooo wooooo!! fuckin sune the cool gangster black negrooo graffiti mannnn bet he does graffiti to get guys and have ifuk take him back.. ikno ifuk been suckin some dick lately idk thats word on the streets....... and BOSE your gay... imma crush tonight WINGERONER ATL 2 FLA
  3. yo grasp kill yourself your pussy as shit you never show up
  4. gay ass straight letter couldnt figure out 3d bitch nigga
  5. cause your to pussy to do anything else
  6. yo bose shut the fuck up pussy! ohhhhh i called you out your number one 12oz gangster and for whoever wants to be the new guy really lame playing some shit like that 29 grow up and paint
  7. yea because itsnot toy to post all your really cool peices to prove your not a toy. keep changing your name maybe youl get decent but probably not
  8. no bitch your embarrassing yourself because your toy as fuck and bomb with know7
  9. maybe if fh could paint and hit better spots then that would be what im talking about lol just noticed you said know7 and i, your seriously just embarrassing yourself.just quit and god can suck my dick satan all day
  10. i would rather see tags and street spots than gay legal peices you think is fresh fag
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