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  1. FauxPas247

    Graffiti Supply Stores (Not sites)

    Krs-1 told me that Nelly's mom can sling me some supplies in SAINT LOUIS, MO., but I need that good Mississippi river city shit, to drop niggas with Leon Spinks in the 'Lou. What it is? ITT: would bump with tits but can't momentarily
  2. FauxPas247

    Paris Grime

    quoi de neuf, waddup thugs à demain et the next few days gonna heat it up like today's riots. Paris Saint Germain! En Europa! THE BLOCK IS HOT! PM a nigga. À plus!
  3. FauxPas247

    The Nonsense thread

    haha yes! TROLLIN hard :-) it's actually on the redtube haha yes
  4. FauxPas247

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    ^^^ yo, i'm not a newyorker .. but if i'm not mistaken, dude posting photo, "Spain-1" that's Jesus Saves other name
  5. FauxPas247

    Liquitex Spray Paint

    that trailer makes me angry this shit sucks
  6. FauxPas247

    Benching; it's a family affair

    fog pictures Metue Tahoe Jrafe Omens Denz Sleepy Eser Kaboose picture
  7. FauxPas247

    Four Word Story..............

    popNlock'drop stall from FrostyFreeze
  8. FauxPas247

    Four Word Story..............

    or not a nigga
  9. FauxPas247

    Four Word Story..............

    like drunk oontz'ers, anddddd
  10. gr8 benching again.. Size21 Dr.Optoe Sleepy Kerse clean T.box old NW Flat sexy sexy NorfolkSouthern kaboooose
  11. FauxPas247


  12. FauxPas247

    Four Word Story..............

    for CelticFrost music videos
  13. FauxPas247

    Four Word Story..............

    more than bad acid
  14. FauxPas247

    Four Word Story..............

    extra koshaaa Jew bankaz
  15. FauxPas247

    Reefer Madness

    Sleepy Vital Size21