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  1. When I was a kid I always used cold water. Then I got older and formed cavities that make my teeth hurt when they're cold. So now I use luke warm water. Can't imagine what would drive somebody to use hot water though.
  2. At first I was just watching the dancers waiting for one of them to do something. Then I read the description of the video and watched it again. Then I was like... [ATTACH]148989.vB[/ATTACH]
  3. This is what this thread is about. I can't believe so many of you would put your dicks inside of this though. I would definitely not. Just looking at this photo reminds me of the smell of an ashtray.
  4. That might actually be a good movie.
  5. OK, and if the government doesn't step in to make sure that that doesn't happen again, then who will? You're trying to say that the government needs to butt out all together. If that happens, then what do you think will happen in regards to the safety of the food that we buy? Because common sense dictates that the quality and safety of our food will immediately go downhill in order to save more than a few bucks. Like I said earlier, your heart is in the right place but your head is swinging in the wrong direction.
  6. Then why not just make your thread about that instead of throwing out this Fox news style scare tactic propaganda that the big black government is coming for your tomato gardens?
  7. Wow, your life sucks. I hope you're just stacking dough with the intention of eventually quitting that job. Not hating, just saying.
  8. Because we live in a capitalist society where people buy their food from stores and farmers markets. And in a capitalist society you cannot just let anybody sell anything to the public without regulation. If you don't regulate the food people buy, then that opens the doors to poison and disease being pedaled to the public. Because it's in every capitalists blood to cut corners to save a buck or two. And if you don't prevent them from doing so, then they're going to do so.
  9. Our capitalist society where everybody goes to the grocery store (or farmers market) to buy food that was produced by who knows who and by who knows what means has not existed for 1000's of years you simple minded dolt. You cannot have a system where people blindly buy food, without also regulating the means by which said food is made and sold. FDA = Food Drug Administration. Snake Oil = fake drugs that were pedaled to the public by people known as Snake Oil salesmen. "Quackery" is a term that refers to fake doctors. FDA does not cover the medical industry. Therefore "Snakeoilism" was an accurate term. You suck at this.
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