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  1. whiny business owners, they all sound the same!
  2. all hail the capitol orange lettering the smartest lettering on the page
  3. you just promoted pinkeyes and pbsk in the same sentence thank you, you just made my point for me
  4. DAMN he flared the SHIT out of those tags! that dude can fucking TAG that dude is definitely not a TOY!
  5. hella homo, luvin that dudes hairless junk
  6. bump this, jon's view. dudes got the spots on lock
  7. wow dude, no. no no no no no. bigger wastes of paint i have never seen edit: WAIT A MINUTE! is that THE green fence? the spot that every single writer in the country has been DYING to hit but is too scared too because its so hot???? daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn props. you guys fucking KILLED that one green fence! i didnt think id ever see people hittin that green fence so savagely but WHOA, you guys did it. and you made is soooo sexy. its all hips and nips. green fence. think about it.
  8. yeah tigards way better. or gresham. or beaverton?
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