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  1. lambmeet-that dogfish chickory is top notch. --- EdenPure Heaters || Ceramic Additive
  2. Spring beak-SKS's are also 7.62x39 and are just as cheap to shoot. --- EdenPure Heaters || Ceramic Additive
  3. Think it's just the winter blues, ya'll
  4. Rosemary garlic ones are killer.
  5. just never really have been an AK fan. Now SKS? I can get behind. --- EdenPure Heaters || Ceramic Additive
  6. OOH that Chicken Tagine sounds tasty! I'll have to try it.
  7. well, at least he isn't going to be splitting it up
  8. They need no be held, tried, and executed as enemy combatants regardless. Don't let these people complicate our legal system. They aren't americans! --- EdenPure Heaters || Ceramic Additive
  9. Re: FUCK MUSLIMS and THEIR MOSQUE My concern is this: Should ANY religious building get this funding?
  10. I just think its a completely undue invasion of privacy that will have minimal results when it comes to safety. --- EdenPure Heaters || Ceramic Additive
  11. delaford321

    Tea Party

    I think your last paragraph is crucial. Now, many with four year college degrees can't get a job, and most households can't own that house and support a family without two incomes. Why? Because our standards have inflated to the point where the ranch houses and public schools we grew up in are not enough. In order to "give your kids opportunity" (code for make it so THEY can live outside normal means) things like country club memberships, private schooling, etc have become the de facto "standard". Noone can really afford it, but its what's expected. At least in my social circles.
  12. A. Definitely a missile. B. Not sure if it was Chinese or not, but their activity makes me really uncomfortable. C. What ever DID happen with that spiral thing in the sky?
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