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  1. I dont know what that means.... TPBM has crabs
  2. Last book i read was "Bay area graffiti" by Steve Rotman. We'll its not really a reading book but its awesome. The person below me has rats in their house
  3. YungGrasshopper

    Spray safe!

    Yeah thats pretty legit... Its better than not having one. I say just take saftey precautions first. Safety first. Not trying to be a safety guy here but im just saying. I dont wanna paint a raw ass piece and next day im coughing up blood. Gotta think
  4. Lol... that was cool... how'd u do that?
  5. Lol... thanks bro... Seriously tho this guy came in the game hot as hell (no homo) and then he dissapeared?
  6. Just wondering... whatever happened to that fool Mike Jones? I dont see that dude anymore. :confused:
  7. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks Thanks Bro... hey are you the chubbs that skates?
  8. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks Also wanted to note that the pictures on this page are dope lol
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