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  1. i met ment 89 in the T.L. he asked if i was a cop the smashed this buff spot od eddy. he wrote the name graf too said that was his man that recently passed. nice guy seemed klike he was into getting tags
  2. swerv resk pemex oyster all crushing like its they job
  3. Re: I GOT CHASED yes i2is i metro killin em. that latimer st roof seemed like it ran forever.the sire spot jocked it. then of course it got buffed. respect met i2i
  4. saw new moe np hands on 5th and market
  5. ill filter from the jawn on haight st.
  6. dude skipped college and went straight to the draft got picked up by msk and is going for it this year
  7. i love that giant is active again.
  9. this is the day cycle got his ass beat in brookyn
  10. setup had a ill roof game. he should make a comeback
  11. i jst watched a movie called The Bridge,about people jumping of the golden gate. dudes got it on film. real life people ending it all.(insert corny joke here) fuckin mind fucked.wow.
  12. i guess posting all that anti cop stuff on his blog can piss of the dirty ass cops. fuck probation and fuck cops. free revok
  13. i signed up in 2001. i since changed names 3 times. being banned is fun
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