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  1. ITS LIKE A HEART BEAT. IM TALKIN BOUT........ OOOOOOOOH PEEEP THE OG KANGOLS! (varivaldi came through and sent me this record today, Ive been wanting it forever!)
  2. We need more pics and less bullshit! Anybody got any old hardware store pics, or pictures of their collection, we all know most of us have dope collections, but nobodys posting pics of what they got. Ill put a few pics up when I have time.
  3. give me a few hours ill post up my finds for today. gonna be out digging for a few hours..
  4. for sure glad you like em. throw those stickers in some blackbooks ill send like 100 more
  5. figuered id share the wealth. jukebox has been in here everyday studyin with his mouth watering over our paint. lol.
  6. no doubt man, put that barcode jade on the shelf and the flat black scotty in the display you had. glad everything made it ok.
  7. todays finds. if anybody has a an extra barcode label for that Bonfire let me know. i really needed that color.
  8. Can someone post up these cans? Touche Fuller (firecracker red etc)
  9. The homie from Colorado "TANEK", asked me to post up his collection in here for him. Enjoy.
  10. touche was dope. im hoping to come across those sometime also.
  11. thats a teal blue, colonial is more bluish. a big face rusto is what i founf this morning with the guy on the bottom.
  12. you guys got me all motivated and shit i went out and got these the last couple hours..
  13. thanks man, i appreciate it. ill keep doing it. heres a recap of the cans wiped down
  14. Thanks thats gonna go in the vaults for a while. The ruddy isnt a notch.
  15. So the last few days ive been thinking about giving up on the whole can collecting thing, so i cleaned out all my bullshit cans, and dups over the weekend. And boxed up all the decent cans i decided to keep and put them away for a long time. Todays my day off, and was gonna make breakfast, work on the ride and chill. After todays finds i think im gonna keep pushin. I found probably the nicest can ive ever found today. The big face is full and never used. ENJOY Peep the fire hydrant red.
  16. i collect caps also. ill post up pics when i have time. mainly the 60s and 70s style ribbed caps with the big circles in the middle.
  17. whatsup with that wet look you wanna trade
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