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Everything posted by siks6siks

  1. bang a fat chick, put that on youtube. i'd fucking watch that shit.
  2. true. tpbm shaves their armpits.....
  3. someone out there thinks this is good. i bet he is popular at his school.
  4. i get hyped about something and then it doesn't happen. i feel like smashing my fingers with a hammer.
  5. fuck i need a quesadilla
  6. you are an idiot if you didn't / don't know about this. /thread.
  7. true. bed time here tpbm doesn't have work tomorrow
  8. false. tpbm has only been awake for a few hours....
  9. i wasted an hour listening to these asshole reporters for that shitty speech? fuck.
  10. 0's finally playing .500 baseball, but for how long.........
  11. Osama Bin Laden: Hide and Seek Champion 2001-2011
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