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  1. Yo dougphotos, you are a weird looking motherfucker. No disrespect, just gonna go ahead and throw that out there. But real talk, you would probably be able to bag more girls than that beat animal you've taken pictures if you actually did graffiti at the spots you flicked. Stay up, homie.
  2. Fantismo and Sinuske in ze cut. Bow bow.
  3. Are you fucking serious? You are dropping THAT many quotes to the movie "Wall Street"? All for the sake of going along with the Gordon Gekko theme and dropping solely Gordon Gekko quotes from the movie? ...What the fuck are you even doing man? This shit speaks for itself.
  4. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to you mad again. Teehee.
  5. Woop woop, that's the sound of the police.
  6. Dear Cleme, Please stop messaging people asking where spots are as well as what they write. Best, vAnDalNvIrGiNiA69
  7. People are throwing up "SP" because they are implying that said performer of aerosol graffiti sprays should perform a "spell check" on their piece. Please refer to pg. 78-113 of your "Theory of Western Aerosol Art."
  8. Dude, how are you going to dry snitch on that Broad street spot like that? And since we're on 12oz, I may as well add the word "nigga" for emphasis. Nigga.
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