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  1. Smells STRONGLY of bullshit, and douche water in here.


    i think its the putrid sent of cockiness and general attitude of "know-it-all" that permeates the walls of this place.... with a touch of false sense of self entitlement.

  2. Bump Ann Arbor, the side that the real G's know, not any of the people who are hating, you have obvi never been bro, and i know who one or two of you are, and you're obviously just jealous, I've seen your shitty tags around here, you know you love us. we know who has come through and done tags, so bump them. The rest of you without the gas money to make it here... Keep hatin.


    the real Gs hang their hat in Ann Arbor, dontcha know?.....:rolleyes:

    gettin ill with their fresh "tags"


    i really dont think gas money is the issue here... most writers in detroit that still put in work and still live in the city arent strugglin for $$... quite the opposite...

    Ann Arbor is not a destination, unless your cruising for young college trim or chill spots with trust funded fancy paint littered walls.


    Just because a few heavy hitters came from AA, doesnt mean shit. Like my man said... they made their name in DETROIT, not ann arbor.

  3. also how is this situation any different from having two different DFW's in the same exact city?


    hahahahaha are you kidding me? do you not think ppl were and still are butt hurt as fuck about me writin fohrs df...? expect to get shit for it. even when the roots of what i was throwing up was in this stupid city longer than the other. i guess its not different at all in the respect that your getting shit for it just like i have been getting, except the ppl giving me shit are about 10 thousand times more ignorant and obnoxious than the ppl hassling you. if you dont like it then ignore it. i learned to stop giving a fuck what these clowns think about me a long time ago. theres always people that wont give you respect no matter how hard you work, you could have more numbers than the entire other DTS combined and ppl will still play their violins and cry about you writing it from the bleachers. some of you ppl take life and yourselves way too seriously. step back and take a deep breathe of reefer smoke and chill the fuck out.

    life aint that bad when u got weed n money.

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  4. its still pretty hilarious to me that people actually spend money on plane tickets and come to Detroit for vacation... whatthefuck? the only people on flights TO detroit are ppl regrettably flying home.

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  5. im glad Jues faggass isnt on here running his mouth about how hes the man or whatever.Amoe done shut you the fuck upp.now the next lil niggas that are getting it is SLOE n ARFF..maybe FOHR..shit its just a mtter of time till everyone getts gone over and we take our city back..master plan stering..LOWDOWN 4LIFE..DFW 4EVER..


    im sure you have a boat load of great reasons.... id love to hear them all.

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  6. What the fuck... Your all's cops are lenient as fuck... If you called a cop fucking ignorant let alone have your hands in your pockets you'd be beat the fuck down and arrested with the quickness here... Never in my life have I seen a cop take shit like that. I mean props and all, but damn that would have gone down different here. :eek:


    yea.... try sayin that shit without a camera present and see how a detroit cops gonna act.

    there are zero fucks given with the DPD. That dude was just smart, wanted to keep his job, and knew he was prolly dealing with ppl that had good attorneys, not to mention the video camera.

    Shit still made me laugh tho so props to revok

  7. ya'll heard Reggie Miller and Chris Webber came thru with MSK and did burners on Houston-Whittier. Yea them niggas down with AWR now too.


    And since OG triple-double-single-stacker-with-cheese-no-ketchup OG sect up here is just ramblin on about god knows what and posting flicks of dope plants and unrealted shit. i guess this thread is his facebook now er somethin.... the fuck happend? No diss, those were some real good flicks of the CES you posted.


    this thread used to make me laugh. at least DSD died in a tractor pull accident last week so we dont gota hear that anymore, brother.






































    ^ SLOE












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