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Alf Stewart

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  1. i agree redrum is really boring now ay
  2. lmk???? somebody post RL pieces please!
  3. fuck goer and fuck tfb fucking wack biting toys
  4. your all a bunch of dick sucking bitches!!! yeh you heardddddd
  5. really enjoying lady poise's work!
  6. fuck yeah those sketches are ill az hell!!!!!!!!
  7. fuck yeh i love that dwels n hueda guyssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shits bangin son!
  8. fuck yeah that mudle is ill!
  9. why the fuck you posting the graffiti crackdown pics of cunts faces you dumb fuck! take it down pleaseeee,thanks
  10. that odyse on the previous page is funky fresh!!!!
  11. klog reminds me of a piece of shit i did in the toilet ay
  12. fuck yeah go dwels n hueda,top quality shiiit!
  13. fuck yeah argue killing brizburn
  14. the truth to hard to handle allgdup?
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