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  1. ^ make you press the image icon in the reply to get the HTML tag to post the picture on the forums. Kosa needs to knock it off, worry about your kid and not internet beef. hate it or not, Moms crew runs Asheville and areas around, Unless your on a suicide mission, please stop. even your child thinks its stupid.
  2. Always like bubble letters when i was little, thought cursive was cool because it was different. Saw graff on the trains and wanted to do that. The adrenaline, the art and somewhat assholish attitude that comes with it. Sums it up for me.
  3. hey, im just starting to write in the upstate south carolina, greenville etc. i just rode up not to long ago to asheville and such and the graff scene up here is coming hard! i've seen alot of SICR and MOMS crew stuff, good to see some paint going up there, down here i am only busting Tags but thats going to change soon. Stay up fellas.
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