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Greenline Death

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  1. Oath, How fucking hard is it to copy a URL and use the IMG function?
  2. Ah shit - thanks dude. Close this shit up.
  3. Hanging for some fresh flicks from the Greenline, from the whole line, haven't seen Sydney steel shit up for a while - anyway whatever shit you got just put it up. Imma start All stolen. Keep it coming but. :cool:
  4. When you get on the bus with the paint in your bag - Just tell everyone that your 'loco'. Should be all sweet from there.
  5. Fuck me, you see NEWSONE tags EVERYWHERE no joke. Didnt see in the previous page but any of you guys got flicks of VICE-KGB?
  6. Yeah I got problems getting the flow happening sometimes, specially in more tech-shit. Going to give it a go soon. What ya'll use for fill-ins?
  7. Fucking intense! Dude that is off the hook - what'd you use?
  8. Ah for real thanks dude. Im from Australia but, havent seen any RESKs at all. Yeah been paper bombing for a little while now. Just getting my shit together.
  9. Fuck yeah - finally some shit from home being posted up. Some mad flicks there as well.
  10. Funniest shit that kept me up all night laughing - Me and this other dude were just catching tags inner west at like 2AM. Pretty quite night and all; comming around this corner between two buildings (sort of like an alleyway) I hear this echoing fucking banging sound. So I kept walking further in. I look around the corner and there this hobo going fucking whack with a frying pan on top of this dumpster. He is just fucking banging the frying pan non stop and I look further and I can see this dog just sitting there gawking at him. I also heard him yelling in between - "thomas" while he was banging the fucking pan. I was laughing on the way back out the alleyway, couldnt believe how stupid it looked. Funniest however, walking back past that way later on the way home. My mate stops to get something out of his shoe. Im looking straight up the street and I see this crazy motherfucker just running down the street - its the same cunt and he's still banging the stupid fucking frying pan on railings, walls, light-posts and stilling yelling "thomas". I'm guessing thomas lost his fucking frying pan.
  11. Just being paper bombing, nothing serious - not really digging either of these two - but what do you guys think? 1st: 2nd:
  12. Cause at a young age, mum said - "go outside and do something..."
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