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  1. thats ill as shit, especially the one which looks to be in the midwest, with the crazy ass clouds above it.
  2. that fucking sucks... ive seen this dude all over my friends computer. i had no idea this happened
  3. thanks guys, and im no cop dont worry, i used to post vids on youtube, and im sure my account is still up.
  4. I am very into the graffiti scene, but i am specifically way into freight train graffiti. it inspires me more so than graffiti in cities (with exceptions- don't worry im not hating on anybody who doesn't bomb trains) but i live in a small town in the north east where all there is, is trains. Hit me up.
  5. This is bricks, but all i got pics of are trains
  6. if he lives in a where house, just run up on that shit with a group of 10 guys and start slamming the sides with sludge hammers, and other blunt objects. then when done run away for a small amount of time to see if he responds with law or anything. if nothing happens in an hour or so just do a little home invasion. and snag ALL of his paint and worthy possessions
  7. That recipie is dank as fuck! ive been using gluten free flower and i find it works if not just aswell better. im planning on making a gallon of wheat paste and adding in wall paper glue because i have a friend who knows a guy in nyc whos done it and said it was as if you were spreading heaven when posting because of how well it sticks and because of how smoothe it feels
  8. one of my buddies got caught throw online posting... they did that shit through facebook. it was retarded
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