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  1. welcome to austin buddy. southern hospitality at its finest, as you can see
  2. Probably a repost but, Whats the difference between a dead baby and a bathtub? You cant have sex with a bathtub.
  3. gimme some of those green squares pl0x bafroom
  4. Whos thinking about going to this shindig? also, does anyone have a list of writers that are going to paint? http://do512.com/event/2012/03/17/the-hater-graffiti-brunch
  5. i love internet beef. also Ugene allways makes me laugh
  6. only old stuff, maybe if more people took pictures of their new stuff....
  7. bwhaat. i want to be internt famus!!11one!
  8. Dear Mom, I appologize ahead of time for all the stupid mistakes i have made and all the mistakes I will make from today onward. I'll try to stay good, but i know i wont. Please dont leave me yet. You made me who i am; the weird, ugly, crazy weirdo person i have become. In the spirit of jesse, I will miss you when all the humans are dead.
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