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  1. solfinger


    i gave up alcohol for lent. I'm not religious, but spiritual. it was more of a self imposed test to see how big a deal alcohol is to me. Its more of an issue than previously perceived, as cravings are real af and falling asleep is/was somewhat a struggle. On the bright side, dropping pounds from my gut.
  2. Aaaahh! You got me. I was thinking, boy has this place jumped the shark if we are sharing pics of lawns. Thank you for keepin the Oontz on its toes, and enjoy tic tacs lord_casek!
  3. ...sticky t key. Can you edit thread names?
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/02/13/a-landlord-obliterated-dozens-of-graffiti-murals-now-he-owes-the-artists-6-7-million/?utm_term=.c76dd3cae210 N.Y. landlord obliterated dozens of graffiti murals. Now he owes the artists $6.75 million. By Samantha Schmidt February 13 at 5:41 AM Email the author A man shovels snow to clear a driveway near 5Pointz, a graffiti art gallery, in New York, in 2011. (Frank Franklin II/AP) From the elevated 7-train, millions of people passing through Long Island City, Queens, could spot the massive warehouses. Fiv
  5. :handpointup:Exorcist steps
  6. :handpointup: user name checks out. srsly lol'd. And a pic, cause its the right thing to do.
  7. solfinger


    flea beefin
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