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Everything posted by substanceOVERhype

  1. I went to neg him, and the button wasnt there LOL
  2. its like romper room in this bitch. mad young kids. Ima go do some grown folk stuff, instead of hangin out in this highschool cafateria lunch break. LOL what happened to this site?
  3. for christ sake, put a wig on that trophy
  4. bitch got a cold head, but LV hand warmer.
  5. this is a kanye west retarded picture highjack.
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/Viewmaster-Viewer-and-26-reels-/360304222548?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item53e3ce2154 thank me later sissy pants.
  7. no, that means youre a sissy pants wuss hound.
  8. boring main cards for sure. that jujitzu alligator roll of death was the highlight sub for sure.
  9. Re: Android iPad... the aPad... half the price of iPad... better? I love teckmology. I just hate dumbasses/dumb-masses. you see what I just did there?
  10. Re: Android iPad... the aPad... half the price of iPad... better? ahhh, i see, so its definately not like a PC cuz you can't check your email on it. and and and its mobile......... sorta like a..... Im getting it now, there really is a need for this then. how about the accessory side to it. It really goes good with a latte' and a bench. But it's powers are useless unless people see you with it.
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