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  1. As wack as it is for him to dodge Chael, you have to understand the strategy to it. This shit is chess, Everyone compares JJ to Silva, they will eventually meet in a weigfht class and fight, and it will probably be the greatest pay for JJ in his career, how would it look for him now to lose his belt to the guy who couldnt even beat Anderson twice. Everyone on the globe would know before it even happened that JJ is no match for Anderson and that pay day may never happen because of a loss to Chael in 8 days. Hes not just fighting Chael, hes fighting the potential loss to his career fight down the line WHILE fighting Chael. IMO, Chael needs to get his ass to the back of the line and work his way back to the top, just like everyone else. No exceptions to the rule, this is supposed to be an organized business, not something that caters to loud mouth comedians who lose fights but are fun to listen to.
  2. ha, surprised hes not friends with https://twitter.com/theHATSofKAWS :ballcap:
  3. Id like to see anyone fall off a motircycke then get up and fight 2 adults int he hood. yea aiiight. I woulda shot 3 people. just cuz.
  4. You arent from ny, Shut up. that specific block is dead as a doornail, its where cops usually park cars and just sit around waiting for action. He was heading towards one of the busiest areas of time square, the first second I saw this video I said "ooofff, they better smoke this dude before he turns that next corner" But your superior knowledge of all that disagrees with you really only makes me feel bad for you, so Ill go to bed naow and let you have your solo troll party, this is what you come back for day after day after daoy after dao after dao for. You really need help daowg. "hey, lets tase the psychopath who runs the streets with knives, so he can get 4 days pickin' up leaves in the park and is back on the street next week" these types are to be eliminated from society at any chance they stick their heads out of the crazy cave.
  5. he was supposed to meet the Kony guy there, but I heard they got the date s mixed up.:jpotato:
  6. amount of cops means nothing. If anyone pulls a knife on you, you are then legally able to shoot them. Look it up. The cops put him down so he didnt kill someone or grab a hostage by the throat. I dont like cops, but Im getting tired of every wannabe rebel chime into police videos on cell phones and act like theyre ALL un justified. Pulled knife = bullets and lights out. move along, nothing to see here.
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