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  1. BMS is probably the most legit crew in Vegas doing things properly.
  2. well it's a lot like how it is too look back between 2000-2005 It's mad dope. The fact that Vegas has a history makes it looks stronger. like when I saw a faded ass hokis and swik tag on a curb.
  3. If you are caught up after a spot deny everything. Just cause you have paint on you that matches whatever they are talking about does not mean you have to say anything. They have to prove your case. Never admit anything. Say you found the paint somewhere prior to the arrest. Say it's for something else and the situation is very circumstantial. If you have it plastic bagged in a regular bag you will look less suspicious as to having it at your waist when you get arrested. This means the difference between graffiti implement and placing graffiti on property. Which leads to suspicions about your name, crew, ect.
  4. Brief cases have to gain a search warrant to open from a judge. Depending on your situation the cops may leave you alone , but then again paint shakes up well unless you have some decently powered magnets.
  5. I don't know how my picture got deleted. here is another Pusk, "character throw up."
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