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  1. James Cagney

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    Cue up Merle Haggard's - "Big City." First time checking the forum in quite some time, was instantly attracted to this thread. Recently made the solo move from a small city in the northeast, to a major city in the west, and i'm reaffirming old notions that I hate cities. The most at peace I've felt since I've been here was when i took the train as far out of the city as possible and walked along this river for a couple hours. It was great. For years i wanted to move more off the grid, or into the country i suppose. Not as far as to not have running water/electricity, but far enough that i can't see someone else's house from my yard. Being single, if i went that far into no mans land I'd for sure go looney tunes. Recently it's been popping back into my head to save as much as possible while i'm here, and start trying to make these old dreams a reality. I've never been one to care for shiny things, so giving up stuff like that wouldn't be an issue, and as long as i make money to acquire what i need to live, and maybe travel here and there, i'll be good. I've also recently been getting into archery. I've shot a few times in the past and recently decided to take a quick little lesson to learn "proper form," and plan on buying a compound bow in the future. The idea of hunting my own meat has been steadily growing on me for a while now. Hopefully I can make good on this within the next year or so. Having your own chickens for eggs is incredible, and elk meat is some glorious stuff. I like to make bbq elk meatballs from time to time, y'all should give it a try if you can. (I've read that the more you handle elk meat the tougher it can get, fyi.) The photos, stories, and information here is rad. I've wanted to get back to Montana ever since I drove straight through it from Sioux Falls to Seattle many years ago. I haven't gone through it but i saw KIR's thread is still kicking, that was also great material Lastly, splitting the firewood is definitely the best part Raven, I agree. Growing up it was one of my favorite things to do while camping. I even used to like watching log chopping competitions and shit like that, haha. (fucking neeerd.)
  2. James Cagney

    Boston Marathon

    Shits hectic. Everyone i talked to and know of is acounted for and ok which im very glad to hear. As of now theres 3 dead, 144 injured and it seems to have been going up a little bit every half hour to a hour. Theyve amputated many limbs and a lot of people are in critical condition, ive heard rumor they expect some to get worse.. But theres a lot of rumors and hearsay, so hopefully its untrue and hopefully the pull through. Horrible shit. RIP to those that died.
  3. James Cagney

    2013 Mµ§iç †h®∑∆d..... following tradition edition.

    off with their heads - nightlife (new song) but then this..
  4. James Cagney

    The Skateboard Thread

  5. James Cagney

    The Skateboard Thread

    Fuuck yes. This is good shit.
  6. James Cagney

    Xmas 2012

  7. James Cagney

    The Beer Thread

    been drinking these lately...
  8. James Cagney

    The Skateboard Thread

    its Rhode Island. stopped at that park one day on my way home from CT, ate complete shit trying to nosegrab over something. cool story. Richie Jackson..
  9. James Cagney

    The Skateboard Thread

  10. James Cagney

    Sons of Anarchy

    jax needs clay alive because the irish said they wont deal with SOA unless clays there. jax needs the IRA and their guns because the CIA/FBI/ATF, whoever the hell it was, wants the IRA and/or their guns. the cartel is in with the CIA because the CIA wants their cartel to win a drug war thats going on.. and the cartel says they'll use their CIA connections to keep RICO charges off them as long as they turn over the irish, which back to the beginning, they need clay alive to keep dealing with. ...if i recall correctly.
  11. James Cagney

    Sons of Anarchy

    haha. it starts tuesday by the way.
  12. James Cagney

    The Nonsense thread

  13. James Cagney

    Michael Clarke Duncan

  14. James Cagney

    The Nonsense thread