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  1. Bro is a fucking madman. I saw him on the news the other day and his work is everywhere. Dude is definitely getting noticed.
  2. It looks like a standard throwie to me...
  3. I dont know how many other people know of this site, but it has some really nice old stuff on it. http://portlandgraffiti.com/
  4. Sweet flicks, one percent
  5. ^^^ That's incredibly fresh
  6. That Onfonseiks is bad ass
  7. ^^^ He probably's refering to another HELS but that's still sweet :D
  8. Holy fuck this page is incredible
  9. That post is incredible man ^^^
  10. Thanks for the badass post Balance
  11. Lol, 1. Im not black, 2. If I was at the big city I wouldn't move up to this frozen forest
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