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  1. "I'm tired of getting shit tattoos and I don't have the good sense to do any research on my own and I don't want to wait at all waa waa waa." Please tell me you want to get your hands and neck done before all else during this miracle appointment as well.
  2. goatjuggernaut


    Hollister? I did one there this month. I hate running and don't know how to do it, first time doing a footrace, obstacles were a joke - running was a pain in the ass. Did better than I expected I would. Starting to run more to work up to a Tuff Mudder. Bike-wise, I'm looking for a decent road bike - I've been riding fixed for too long and like most people I've realized that I want to get more out of the road. Anyone have suggestions on road bikes around 1K? Good used models to look for on CL? I've been eyeing CAAD9-10's and some Specialized but really don't have much of a baseboard to
  3. She also has bifocals on so her vision sucks too. ha hah ha ha oh man what a loser.
  4. Go to any tattoo bro and ask him for 1/2 of a tattoo.
  5. The eagle and snake are fighting over the electric cinnamon bun.
  6. A good Koeplinger interview and a bunch of Instagram crud from today: Interview - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUPtRggB-lc Lehi- Koeplinger: Adam Warmerdam: Javi Rodriguez: Rudy Fritsch: Matt Shamah:
  7. goatjuggernaut


    The lunch rider for the creative director for Specialized. Also, I've been digging this bike - the Volume Generator. I had been wanting to build up a 5 speed, disc brake city bike for the winter and this pretty much fits the bill. Not the best looking, but it runs an 8 speed internal rear hub and looks like it would be a lot of fun to beat the shit out of. Anyone had any experience with the Alfine internal hub?
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