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  1. 30 minutes ago, Joker said:

    @enteruncreativename- Sorry I spaced getting back to you. 


    So you've definitely got your own thing going on with the faceted angles and unconventional shadowing, and normally I would tell you to smooth things out and straighten things up, but because I'm all about straight lines and angles (fucking abstract Graffiti art...) I'm interested to see this one play out. 


    I've made a few edits to your posted image below - For the most part it was fine but I did open up some of the thinner sections and eliminated the defining line in the B (not needed) to give the overall piece a better read. Also, because with this style the O and D will naturally feel/look similar it's important to distinguish the two from one another so there's no confusion. Make the O feel more "round" while the D has a definitive cuts are the top right and bottom right. Let me know if those edits make sense and how else I can help. 


    The one-liner throwie isn't bad, but it could definitely use some tightening up. Kinda hard to show an example using a mouse so when I'm home and can work it out on my tablet, I'll share those thoughts. 





    Thanks a lot for making this post.  I have heard that same comment about me having my own abstract style to my letters before and that humors me to hear it again.

    The line in the B that I added in was to separate the letter from looking like an 8.  I agree with what you said in defining the D more sharply as compared to the o, I did actually try to make them distinctly in my drawing.


    But I do take pride in my one liners.  But this word's lettering is too repetitive for me and I was just bored enough to sketch some new letterings with a test name.

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  2. On 10/17/2019 at 7:40 PM, Limeliciouz said:

    Actually those effects - *cough*characteristicsbutIdoubtuknowthediffyet*cough* - were necessary. 


    Thank you for the rest of the feedback tho. 


    Some feedback for you: try practicing some bars with constant width, all your letters are uneven. Your bubble letters seem good tho. Are those one liners? 

    What I meant was for you to focus on the letters themselves before you detail on the effects on top of them. 


    No problem and I think the inconsistent bars are just my style of expressing different parts of the word.  But I tend to make them go taller so, yeah that is something I should pay more attention to.  Thank you and yes they are one liners.


    On 10/17/2019 at 7:02 PM, Joker said:

    Are you looking for feedback or just contributing?

    I was contributing something to be commented about if someone wanted to.  Your piece is 🎖️ though.

  3. The top one is the best overall in my opinion.  The flow of the letters starts off well with the base of the L and there are no extra add ons on the piece.  The unnecessary effects on the second piece takes away from your letters which don't flow in that example.  To be specific here - all of the letters get progressively smaller from the start.  As far as the third goes, the LIM flow well but the E is too small in comparison to the L and the M.  The I flows acceptably well because of it's width (I would personally make the top of it a bit higher though to stay in flow with the other letters).


    Here is my contribution to the thread:


  4. 55 minutes ago, misteraven said:

    Also, should have said this in the initial announcement, but I will be stuffing a bunch of stickers into all orders. Will go extra heavy on the international guys that end up having to pay extra for shipping.



    Haha, I bought the tshirt and a pack of stickers before I read this thread.  :classic-laugh: I love stickers!

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