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  1. Thanks, actually I did it with a mechanical pencil and a 6B general pencil.
  2. disregard the screen shot stuff haha .. good stuff almighty. Heres a recent sketch. .
  3. Probably gonna do a bigger version, like I'll prolly build off this or something...
  4. I hate when some stupid bitch is an annoying ass stupid bitch thats stuck up and ugly and cock blocks everyone and mentions rape and how every guys a rapist... <(At parties.).. I hate when I'm driving and some stupid people in another car keep staring with stupid ass faces and are obliviously talking shit too. But most of all I fucking hate when someone puts me one blast and is lying too and everyone around believes em or like when they say "cmon dude stop fucking up" or some shit like that while I'm chillin... I feel like going postal at times...
  5. Quick sketch.. haven't sketched in a while...
  6. A portrait of my friend I did for her a bit ago..
  7. Uh yeah . Uh yeah... Typing mad toughness on this 12 oz prophet I'm dropping Shit outta this world like a mothafuckin comet send you on rollercoaster ride don't vomet embrace this like date rape hoe knows she wants it too much pressure make ur eyes pop out they sockets collect em then I put em in my pocket then I flick it n I crop it/ trigger happy spitting bullets like a glock so I pop it my flow goes like a train at full speed w/ no brakes ya can't stop it .. yeah NL Nyquil loks
  8. Bump all the MH flicks btw...
  9. Oooo weeeee wuddup wit dem flamez son?? spit dem flamez son . Spit dem bars, son.. come on ma niggs don't hold back on dem flamez bluhh ,wake dat dragon cuhh.. where's Werm @? you too ma nigga , come on erybody spit like we at the dentist , wayy da beer & cocaine at cuhh , uhh son West coast central Cali all up in dizz piece mowfuckuh too much?....naww..
  10. Not great but pretty cool This guy trying to get laid^^^
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