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  1. If you could play golf with anyone living or dead who would it be? Id have to say Mother Teresa cause she helped all those sick Indians

  2. 6 minutes ago, Mercer said:

    only a hater would just say the way he carry himself, without addressing exactly what it is. What is it because the doxx shit is established racist gas lighting.

    Wow those are coherent sentences, not

  3. 52 minutes ago, Mercer said:

    Look, I’ve said my piece and I’m gonna drop this shit with you from now. It’s just that I did nine months in Juvie for not snitching, and spent years on the streets writing my name on shit just for this reputation. Got tethe receipts for that too. This reputation means more to me than every member on this fucking forum, and legit every cell in my body AKA I’d rather be dead than a fucking snitch, or doxer. I’m willing to king of cringe this shit up at any moment, clearly and I don’t give a fuck.


    Like I said, fuck the money, the pussy, the cars, the weed, and all the haters on my dick because I shine. It’s my reputation only thing left after my short time on this earth.

    Its just that no one cares about your pissy boy bullshit if you ever wanna get a factory reset come out here and we can make that happen, lots of bullshit going on these days and its not apparent weather you are dealing with it or contributing but you picked the wrong dude to become obsessed with, your bad I guess. Go work on your golf game.

  4. No it was me giving you a chance to talk about the thread topic I wasnt sure if you thought it was an option, im definitely not a racist Id even consider myself actively anti racist so show me posts dhabz said racist shit and ill condemn it, but what you're doing is try to play checkers with me and compel what I say, fuck that ill keep up the leg kicks, I doubt you could stay awake for even a full minute if a fight was to actually take place so just fall back homie I take shits that are tougher than you 

  5. You edited your post that said why do I care about you doxing a racist, at the most base level of reality I dont genuinely care about shit except for impressionism painting but im not gonna let you get all froggy if you ain't gonna hop off the lily pad. I asked if you ever played golf to give you a chance to humanize yourself.

  6. 40 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

    I’m sure you could do some googling and find out how to rig a package that explodes liquid shit when tampered with.

    Sits in package all day no drawers on ass up drinking strawberry nesquik 

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  7. Cause it seems like you did two wrongs dont make a right , so he's gonna dox someone so you threaten him with the same shit, you're boys with raven you should hold yourself to a higher standard instead of being a net negative on here except for the pics of your wifes food. 

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