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  1. the chrome one? its like every amuck piece..
  2. /ban theprotester PUT DOWN THE FUCKIN KEYBOARD & PICK UP A SPRAYCAN, lol j/k
  3. i had my rags the other day, sorry fella's, go on about your business, i'll just slink back to my squalor and shutup. nothing to see here folks, please move along.
  4. no beef, just too many cunts talk the talk and aint doin the walk.
  5. if the msk thing was a joke dude i missed it. are u gonna paint that piece?
  6. yeh it cut me up, are u really in msk?
  7. your a fuckin wanker all u do is talk shit cunt, i aint seen 1 picture you've posted. and funnily enough richard i'd like to battle you. i could use the pot. and protestor, what's with this lil gem? I'm keen to see those dope MSK styles in our battle.
  8. [ATTACH]165731.vB[/ATTACH]
  9. show us what ya got man, hope u got alotta fuckin weed.
  10. [ATTACH]165583.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]165584.vB[/ATTACH]
  11. what if ya still do a piece man and post it up and when i catch up with ya we'll still get fucked up and if u burn me i'll still give u the beer n shit, and vice versa.
  12. hey protester, can't pm ya cause ya inbox is too full. but it won't be a day spot. just pm me if you really are serious. ta.
  13. oh and if i burn u then u owe me that shit.
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