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  1. It is starting to seem almost impossible to have a style in this day and age which is considered your own and no aspects of it are seen by others as "biting". It is kind of a depressing thought.
  2. anyone know if the second last kalm is in perth?
  3. is it just me or is nuts like ayres twin brother?
  4. accidentally put the date setting on :/
  5. always a pleasure to see ozone handies
  6. bump teto, he's been absolutely destroying f line for a while now
  7. Crong, bug or Sego, watever you want to call him, i never knew the guy at all but i have seen his work up around the place a huge amount in the last few years. Despite this I never really studied it enough to realize how original and innovative his style was. It took this tragic event for me to focus on the writer and truly appreciate his art. Only now am i grateful for all the marks he left around. He is a huge loss to many and I'll miss seeing his work around. I hope his contribution to the scene is never forgotten and writers are inspired by his creative style for years to come. R.I.P.
  8. as if you'd go that high and not drop a handie.
  9. fuck yeah s*lk showing em who's boss
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